Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lakes in Wallowa County

Wallowa County, in northeast Oregon, provides wonderful alpine lake country, from its "jewel" namesake, Wallowa Lake, to the Eagle Cap Wilderness.  Meg and I have enjoyed the tranquility of these settings over the last few weeks. Special light and special moments of reflections, personal and physical, stimulate mind and heart.

Chimney Lake, Eagle Cap Wilderness

Waterfall at Chimney Lake

Buck below Joseph Mt.

Mt Joseph in alpenglow reflections in Wallowa Lake

Reflected moraine

Reflected alpenglow

Wallowa Lake near boat dock


  1. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of Wallowa Lake. We have been enjoying them so much! I never tire of seeing the lake and the surrounding mountains.

    1. Thanks. Wallowa Lake, and the county itself, is a wonderful tranquil place!