Friday, July 20, 2012

By light rather than by feel

This week I was looking for something in a wire drawer that was located slightly above my head.  The area was dark, but I wanted to find it by "feel" instead of by light.  After several minutes of fruitless feeling, I finally turned on the light, and found it immediately.

I have discovered living my life is quite similar.  So often, I function by feel, attempting to do the task my way. From a believer's viewpoint, I have realized the vast, unbridgeable gap between living life according to my own ethics/morals and God's.  I am soon lost without the firm, but gentle/kind path that God leads me on. God's light is so much more than "lighting a candle in the darkness." It is Truth itself, embracing me in my good times and my bad; always leading me home to Him. He is the "life giving light!"

Bowman Trail in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, OR

Ohope Beach, NZ

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