Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our present, God's future

Meg and I are enjoying early morning devotions on our front porch as we hear and watch multiple hummingbirds at the feeders we have set out.  However, these delicate and remarkable birds are not gentle.  They are exceptionally territorial with one species fighting against another and even "bullies" within the same species demanding first rights to the feeder.

These observations have prompted some thoughts about our "natural" world.  If we view the world only through secular eyes, we will be stuck for endless generations in our territoriality--in our selfish, egotistic "me (or my group) first". Yet God has given us another way: Isaiah boldly predicts the "the calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion."  And, "no one will be hurt or destroyed on my holy mountain." Not only does God tell us that He will reverse/level the current social structures, but He calls us to be part of the movement.  From Isaiah Chapter 58: 6-8, to Christ's call in the Gospels, we are called to bring salt and light, hope and comfort, to those who suffer. From the Beatitudes to the sheep and the goats, Christ shows us the strength in forgiveness, in giving up our "rights."  With Him, we do not have to define and defend "territory." We know that nothing separates us from HIs Love, and that all boundaries, of whatever kind, are removed by His mercy and justice.

Memaloose, Hells Canyon


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  1. Your photos and insights are inspiring me this morning, Eric! Thanks. Laura