Saturday, September 27, 2014

Regardless of with whom or without whom we journey through life, our thought life is never mindless.

"At no time of day or night are we not thinking about something.  The only real question is, What is it? What do I choose to ruminate about in the interstices of the day, in the dark quiet of the night? Where does my mind go when there is nowhere specific for it to go?

The questions is an important one because its answer defines the kind of person we are choosing to become....The fact is, we become what we think about. What we seed in our souls grows in us, forms us, becomes what drives us from moment to moment.

Prayer intends to steep me in the thoughts of God....If I pray for my enemies, if I pray to a loving God to make me loving too, however many years it takes--it will happen. Then, like a drop of rain in the midst of the sea, I will become part of the heart of the world.  I must pray to become love."

                               Joan Chittister, The Breath of the Soul

Eagle Cap Wilderness

Anthony Lake OR, Union County

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