Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall hiking in the Eagle Cap Wilderness: Polaris Pass and the high lakes

Bob Carter, my hiking companion, and I, "needed" a high mountain hike to finish our summer.  And so we left the afternoon of September 7 for the nearby Eagle Cap Wilderness.  We started at the Wallowa Lake trailhead at 4400 feet, making a three day, thirty six mile loop up the East Fork of the Wallowa river and down the West Fork.  In between, we crossed over the 9000 foot Polaris Pass, a formidable shale and scree challenge. Bob and I had crossed over this pass ten years ago, when we were in our early sixties.  Geological time is not as long as it used to be -- I am almost positive that the pass has risen a thousand feet, and getting there is three miles longer!

Memory aside, we did meet all the physical challenges, stretched our legs physically and emotionally, and enjoyed the crisp air and crisp colors of early fall in this outstanding high country.

Approaching Polaris Pass

Frazier Lake OR, Eagle Cap Wilderness

Eagle Cap Wilderness, Glacier Lake OR 

Eagle Cap Wilderness, Glacier Lake

Eagle Cap Wilderness, East Fork Wallowa River

Eagle Cap Wilderness, Frazier Lake OR

Eagle Cap Wilderness, stream coming out of Glacier Lake OR

Eagle Cap Wilderness, trail to Glacier Lake

trail view coming back down from Glacier Lake

Eagle Cap Wilderness, Jewitt Lake

Eagle Cap Wilderness, lupine below Polaris Pass

Polaris Pass looking into the West Fork of the Wallowa River

Bob coming down from Polaris Pass toward the west fork of the Wallowa River

Eagle Cap Wilderness, Roger Lake OR

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