Saturday, December 29, 2012

Called always to be renewed

On the cusp of a New Year, now ten years removed from retirement, I am grateful for my slow but steady transformation from professional position and power to God's purpose and presence.  I yearn ever more deeply for a closer, more intimate, more intense relationship with Him who is the Source/Savior of all being.  As always, the challenge remains letting go of my "things."  These prayers from Evelyn Underhill, and the passages from Hebrews, set the tone and hope for me.

"So seldom, Omnipotent and In Dwelling Spirit, am I aware of your presence in my life, yet I have no life apart from you; give me the confident trust in your power, presence, and purpose."

"Holy and life giving Lord, you accept us as we are, but call us to be what we never could have imagined; let us never forget the possibility you reveal or be content with less than you have shown us."

New Hampshire

Ohope Scenic Reserve

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