Thursday, March 12, 2015

A moment of awe and blessing

March, 2014. Napier, NZ. While enjoying the art deco buildings of this delightful downtown, I noticed a dragonfly traveling up and down the pedestrian walkway. I snapped several pictures, hopping one or two would be in focus.

I reached the end of the block.  Much to my amazement, the dragonfly came back and landed on my camera case.  Did this finely tuned, exquisitely beautiful  creature know I was observing it, and wanted to find out who/what I was? 

It remained quietly with me for close to five minutes.  Obviously, the meaning, if any, of this encounter is totally speculative.  I just enjoy this remarkable memory as one of the awesome blessings  that randomly occur in our lives.

The dragonfly is center far left, below the green sign of the Body Shop

Here it is to the left of the black pole

And now it is to the far left, against the black marble. Meg is in blue, in the upper right, close to where I enjoyed my dragonfly moments shown below.

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