Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The waters of Glacier National Park above Sperry Chalet

Glacier National Park is filled with waters--streams, waterfalls, lakes.  Hiking from Sperry Chalet to Lake Ellen Wilson and to the Sperry Glacier, we enjoyed an absolute abundance of water. Snow was melting, and sounds and sights of water captivated our senses!

Akaiyan_Lake, Sperry_Glacier

Lake Ellen Wilson, Sperry Chalet

Mountain goats on the way to Sperry Glacier

Akaiyan_Lake, on the way to Sperry Glacier--look carefully and you
will see a ptarmigan in the bottom right

on the way to Sperry Glacier--overwhelming waters of life and joy!

above Lake Ellen Wilson, three miles from Sperry Chalet

falls on the way to Sperry Glacier

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