Thursday, February 20, 2014

BSA Troop 514, Snow shelter construction

The seasons of Scouting continue.  Over Presedents' Day weekend, Troop 514 from La Grande Oregon traveled up to our local ski area, Anthony Lakes, to build snow caves. This preparation is part of the annual Klondike Derby.  Troop 514 will go up and sleep in these snow caves Friday night, and then compete in various winter skill events on Saturday morning.

We dug a long, deep trench on Saturday, and then dug out snow caves into the trench walls on Monday.  I started an igloo, but did not have time to finish it this year.


Anthony Lakes

Troop_514, Union_County, Anthony_Lakes


  1. Nice job of digging in the snow!! Can't remember what that was like back in NH - too many years in Texas....

  2. What is fun, Robin, is that these boys think digging snow caves and sleeping in them is normal!!