Saturday, September 14, 2013

Healing from the roots up

This Fr Keating statement needs to be read a couple times slowly to truly absorb. Simply put, regardless of our chronological age, emotionally we are still healing, growing up, and learning to see the world as God sees, not as we define it.

"Until basic childhood programs for happiness are repented of, or that is to say changed, we're engaged, all of us, in an addictive process which will show up if you live long enough in a specific addiction unless you take the spiritual journey to heart and practice to heal that situation. The Gospel is about the healing of our conscious and unconscious wounds.  

It is into this melodrama of everyday life that Jesus has come with the Kingdom, and that's where it works. That's where it's powerful; that's where it's found on an everyday basis. Right where you feel it and experience it. And it's the gift of Jesus. And this is the full meaning of redemption--to heal you from the roots up.

So that instead of self centered motivation and a world in which you see everything from the perspective of the big "I am" of your ego, you see it from the big I AM of God's selfless-self. That is the true view of reality." Father Thomas Keating

Cedar waxwings

Joseph Canyon, Rimrock Inn

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