Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Southern Oregon Coast, Part I

Meg had never seen the southern Oregon coast south of Florence and I had not be there since 1979.  So, with winter to an end, our early spring vegetables starting to grow, and other volunteer activities at a lull, we decided to take off and visited this area.  We enjoyed staying in a yurt at Honeyman State Park south of Florence, and a cabin at Cape Blanco State Park south of Coos Bay. We were glad for the heat inside these facilities.  The mornings were windy with a temperature of forty, so we did not have to contend with the cold.

The scenery is exceptional. Cape Blanco is considered the western most point in the contiguous United States.  Its lighthouse was established in 1870.  Interestingly enough, here is an excerpt about this lighthouse location from Wikipedia:  In Jules Verne's early science fiction book The Begum's Millions, a Utopian community named Ville-France is established in 1872 on the South Oregon beach. Verne gives the location of this fictitious community as "eighty kilometres north of Cape Blanco".

Shore Acres State Park is located southeast of Coos Bay.  The former estate of a civic minded timber man, real estate developer, Louis Simpson, it is lovingly maintained by the Parks division of the State, and is particularly beautiful in the spring.

Shore Acres State Park

Shore Acres State Park

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