Sunday, October 7, 2012

Simplicity and Purity

I love the concepts of simplicity and purity.  I just don't do it.  The closest I come in my multi-tasking life is staying in prayer wherever I may be.  Prayer moves my attention away from what I am doing and focuses it on God and others. Prayer returns me to God. 

"I am beginning to see now how radically the character of my spiritual journey will change when I no longer think of God as hiding out and making it as difficult as possible for me to find Him, but, instead, as the one who is looking for me while I am the one who is doing the hiding."  Henri Nouwen

And a photographer's note:  This picture of the monarch butterfly was taken at Michael and Sara's in New Hampshire. The butterfly lifted off just as I was ready to click the shutter while it rested on the flower. I had focused the camera on the flower and it rose in the same plane, maintaining the sharpness.

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