Monday, April 23, 2012

Water, fish, and sun

Last year, Matt and Teresa gave me a guided fly fishing trip for Christmas.  I had to take a rain check because of last April's weather.  This year, however, the weather was excellent, so we went off last Friday.  Dave, the guide, took me in one canoe, and Matt and Sebastian went in the other. I mainly fly fished, but also did some spinning as well.  I caught a nice sized brown trout on a lure, and some hard fighting rainbow on a fly.  Matt and Sebastian were also successful. I may have to give up the late afternoon light and get back into fly fishing when I return.  The conclusion of the trip was also delicious.  Dave smoked the trout for us.  They are excellent eating! 

As always, the sunrises here have been spectacular. Meg and I enjoy getting up early, taking the short walk to the beach, and doing our morning devotional and Bible readings sitting against a piece of driftwood as the sky lightens and the sun rises and the waves play their music.

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