Thursday, March 1, 2012

BSA Troop 514 at the 2012 Klondike Derby

The weather at this year's Klondike Derby at Mud Lake across the road from the Anthony Lakes Ski Area was as bad as the worst I have been at since 1984.   The ski lifts did not run all day because of the high winds. And our Troop 514 Scouts were the best I have seen at an event like this.   Their cooperation and collaboration was outstanding.  They were a delight to watch work together.  They had slept in their snow caves Friday night and awakened to seven inches of new snow.  They competed on the Klondike Trail for three plus hours in snow and wind that at times created zero visibility.  No one complained or whined; they persevered and did the tasks they needed to do.  It was a real life challenge--an experience in survival that built confidence and character.


  1. Now that's what a Klondike Derby is supposed to be like, Remembering some good ones with Marcus in Ohio...and a few "muddy" ones with little snow. Here in Virginia, we have had a couple snowy ones, but mostly warmer, rain (and mud) with wheels on the sleds. :-( Thanks for the pictures.

    1. Yes, sunny weather is always appreciated, but this wind and snow is what winter really is about--and it is the only way to learn what it takes to "be prepared