Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter at the Oregon Coast

Meg and I took Jasmine, our Chinese student, back to Eugene this past Saturday.  She is doing well, studying for her Masters degree in Accounting at the University of Oregon.  Meg and I then traveled west to the beach town of Florence.  From there we went north, stopping for a wonderful sunset at Seal Rock.  We spent Saturday and Sunday nights in Depoe Boe, a delightful small harbor on the central Oregon coast. The water spout pictures are from the breakwater at Depoe Bay.  You stand in the parking area, where just below the waves crash and thunder against the rocks. You could not be any closer to the power of the Pacific Ocean than this. In January, the angle of sun at mid morning creates a rainbow in the spray of the blowhole, as the storm driven, high tide waves, crash into it.  Meg and stood transfixed in awe for most of the morning watching this synthesis of power and beauty. 

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