Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stehekin and Lake Chelan

Stehekin, like that magical, mysterious Scottish village in the musical, Brigadoon, is a place where most do not know of its existence.  Reachable only by boat or boot, it lies at the end of Lake Chelan, WA, a fifty five mile long glacial lake, the third deepest in the United States.  Stehekin offers a special tranquility beneath the rugged peaks of the North Cascades. Within this setting, nine miles up an eleven mile road (the only one there), you find the Stehekin Valley Ranch. Run by Cliff and Kerry Courtney, the ranch reflects their deep love and respect for this country that dates back to Cliff's great grandparents. The amenities are simple: tent and frame cabins, and delicious family style meals, with wonderful bread, cookies, and pies from the Stehekin Bakery.  The mood is both serene and invigorating.  You can read and take easy walks, or you can raft or fish the wild and scenic Stehekin River, rent bicycles, hike, horseback ride. Whatever your choice, it will be right and wonderful, exceptionally refreshing for mind, body, and soul.  Meg and I, along with younger son Michael and his wife Sara, enjoyed a delightful three day family time here in early August, after our backpack into the Glacier Peak Wilderness.

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