Sunday, February 20, 2011

God gives us life

My brother Greg has experienced God's hand is stopping his internal bleeding, and providing him with a highly skilled vascular surgeon who was able to seal the two nicks in Greg's superior mesenteric artery through laparoscopic surgery. Greg needs continued prayers that the blood thinner he needs to maintain his mechanical heart valve will reach the right levels, and that he will gain physical, emotional, and spiritual strength as the days go on.

I shared with Greg the February 16th selection from Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest." Chambers words are what we all need to realize: "God does not give us an overcoming life; He gives us life as we overcome." The power of life comes from God, but we need to continue to reach out to him--for life not merely now, but for eternal life.

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  1. Eric, reading about your brother's illness right now, we are assured that God is in perfect control over Greg's situation. His healing will be as God , Himself, planned out long ago even before Greg's birth. I hope you find peace, as will Greg, in knowing the Great Physician has His hand of healing already on Greg, and his physical need today. He is the Rock for which we find Rest.. I pray you both can go there, and experience the Newness of healing, and life according to God's magnificient plan..

    Inspired when I was reading Isaiah 43 this morning..
    Here I am, in the cleft of the Rock

    surrounded by God, yes, safe, and dry

    I rest in the peace that You've given to me

    Lord, my prayer, that I rest in You, until I die

    Oh yes, I rest in Your peace, your healing peace

    to be revived by Your healing hand

    You suffered more pain, that I will ever know in this life

    Lord Jesus - Your my Rock, in Whose Strength , I stand

    Your Promise to us, in those mighty storms

    that You'll carry us thru, the waters deep

    and only in Your Presence I find rest

    Lord Jesus - it's You, whose Strength lifts me when I am weak

    I come to stand in the stormy times of life

    illness, or sadness, no trial to big to fight

    though the fire might come to bring me to my knees

    its those times crying to You, I know I will be alright.

    Oh yes, I rest today in Your healing peace

    to be revived in strength by God's leading hand

    You suffered more pain, that I will ever know in this life

    and for this, Lord Jesus -

    Your my Rock, in Whose strength , I can stand