Saturday, January 15, 2011

Patience within God's protecting Presence

I love what King David writes in Psalm 40. The most powerful man of his time willingly shared his highs and lows, always knowing the Lord would answer him. Too often, I want an answer NOW! I need to remind myself to stay focused on God. He will lift me from "pit of despair"(v.2) that David describes, give me a "new song to sing" (v.3), and protect me with "his love and faithfulness." (v.11)

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  1. Eric, though I have seen many photos of your work here in La Grande, and marvel at each one, I think these two that I am looking at, speaks more to me than any beauty that I will see in other photos , of any photographers. I see the capturing of your vision, not just in physical sight, but in the understanding that the verses you chose to attach to each one, speaks to how you understand the Word of God in relation to what our God has created for each of us. These are truly photos that speak of God's amazing Love for us, and praise worthy of our song being sang to the Father in return.. Thank you, so much for sharing these ..So glad I ran across them today.
    Karen Hopkins
    La Grande, Ore