Friday, November 5, 2010

Shaping our minds and souls

We are the recipients of God's grace, but too often we live as though He doesn't matter. We think mundane, routine thoughts instead of filling our minds with His glory. We get bored, depressed and allow ourselves to think we are separated from His love.

What we fill our mind with is so important. We become what we think about; our words and actions are influenced, for better or for worse, by out thoughts. Consider the difference in our behavior when our thoughts are angry, bitter, jealous versus when they are forgiving, gentle, patient. When we steep our minds and souls with prayer, we allow God to shape us, and we become closer to Him, and calmer in Him.

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  1. Just caught up on your last couple of postings and, as always, they are exclent. The last one especially ministers to my soul as I continue to struggle with gaining my health back, just in baby steps. I, and I know there are others, that appreciate your sharing your gift of photography and writing for the glory of Christ. What a great witness you are. I know that both of us have been through deep valleys wondering whether God could ever love us after the things we had done, but He does, and He still continues to take the time and patience to mold and shape us into the being that will one day be able to stand with Him for eternity. What a glorious day that will be! Q